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Our scientific ghostwriters write academic papers of the highest quality

On this page we would like to give you an idea of ​​how precisely and academically exactly our ghostwriters work. Writing a scientific paper requires not only academic qualifications, but also a high degree of concentration and skill. Another factor that plays a prominent role is the experience. This is where ghostwriters can make a difference. Because our company does not rely on 12,000 authors, but on a small circle consisting of 400 hand-picked and highly qualified scientists. Experience is one of our unique selling points.

The authors, who work for us, are recruited from diploma and master graduates, doctoral candidates and professors. But a degree alone is not enough. Our multi-level quality management puts every author through its paces right at the beginning of our collaboration. Smaller projects are used to determine the actual scientific qualification. We only settle for very good and outstanding results and quickly separate ourselves from unsuitable contractors.

How does a ghostwriter work?

The A and O of your scientific work almost always consists of the research question or the structure. Once this is done, the scaffolding only has to be filled to get to the result of the work. For this it is important that you choose the right methodology to implement your research project in a targeted way. As academic writers, our ghostwriters know what a scholarly work should look like – we’ve created a few samples of academic work for you so you can see what ghostwriting looks like.

Legal solution sketches

A legal sketch of the solution is the first step in the case handling of a legal opinion and has the aim of indicating within an outline which facts of the case described in the report are examined. Unproblematic facts are only roughly touched on, while the problematic facts, that is, those in which there is a conflict within the theory or other problems, are explained in more detail. Specifying plus (+) or minus (-) indicates whether or not the law is being examined in the course of the report to be prepared.

We provide you with two legal solution sketches with the same facts that meet different requirements:

  • Solution sketch 1 is an example of a classical elaboration.
  • Solution sketch 2 is a very detailed and detailed version, which is especially used in larger projects.

The examples of the legal solution sketches were written by two of our lawyers, one of whom also works as a legal lecturer.

Legal opinion

The preparation of a legal opinion, in practice also called “vote”, belongs to the craft of every lawyer and includes the legal evaluation of a fact. The learning of the methodology characterizes the complete law study. The legal opinion follows a certain opinion style: theorem, definition, subsumption and result. At the outset, a legal question is raised which will be answered within the framework of the opinion, using the legal norms.

The model of the legal opinion was written by a qualified lawyer who works as a lawyer.

Housework philosophy

Academic work in the field of philosophy deals with basic determinations and structures of life and the world. Whether housework, bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation – in philosophy, the focus is on understanding, interpreting and exploring our worldview. Dealing with human existence is based on a question that is discussed in the context of the work. Our sample work for download from the field of philosophy deals with the question of whether romantic love can be fair.

The example of an academic philosophy sample work was written by one of our authors in the field of philosophy.

Housework computer science

Seminar papers and dissertations from computer science are predominantly solution-oriented and deal with specific topics such as: B. artificial intelligence (AI) or dealing with databases. Depending on the solution question and subarea such as Applied Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Practical Computer Science, the work is written in a very practice-oriented way. Our download sample from the Department of Computer Science deals with types of Locomotion in virtual realities and their effects on Motion Sickness.

The example of an academic computer science sample work was written by one of our authors from the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics.

Expose Sports Science

A scientific exposé primarily serves to describe a planned project and is often required prior to the preparation of a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis. Usually a problem or a research question is presented and methods, hypotheses and goals are explained. An exposé may also be required prior to applying for research funding and will usually include a project plan and timetable.

The Exposé in the field of sports science was written by a master of business administration, who works as a sports manager.

Bachelor Thesis Finance / Business Administration

A bachelor thesis should show that you are familiar with your subject area and that you are not only able to recognize relevant literature, but also to link it so that the underlying research question can be answered. In our sample work we compare the comparison between modern portfolio theory and behavioral finance to compare the theoretical approaches to explaining investor behavior in capital markets.

The example of an academic bachelor thesis was written by Ing. Mag. Thomas Farthofer, one of our economists whose main focus is asset management.

Master thesis Business Administration

A master’s thesis always deals with a research gap that can be followed up to create added value for science. It is especially important that you check in advance which topics are relevant and relevant. Our sample work deals with the historical development of brand management. Here you can see how the structure, the theoretical part and the methodical procedure with empirical investigation can look like.

The example of an academic master thesis was written by one of our doctoral students from the Department of Business Administration.

Publication medicine

Scientific publications in the medical field are frequently published in international magazines. The focus of a publication is always on the concern to share its own scientific findings with a scientific audience in order to create added value for the academic field. Our pattern of academic work deals with the modulation of immunity and autoimmunity of vasoactive intestinal peptides.

The example of an academic publication was written by our quality manager Dr. med. Sandra Reichstetter holds a doctorate in immunology and genetics and a BS in zoology and biochemistry.